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Miya is a tenth-grade student at Bear Creek who loves to play soccer, watch football, and hang out with friends and family. Her favorite subjects are science and history. 


Miya’s School Day

ASB Meeting

I am in charge of the Student Relations Committee, which strives to create an inclusive and positive school environment. I’m working on some fun projects with my committee, but today during our general Student Council meeting we planned Spirit Week, which is when the whole Upper School dresses up every day to a different theme and participates in fun activities. We chose some of the dress up themes and brainstormed ideas for a socially distanced school dance! As of now, we have Tropical, Couch Potato, and Famous Friendships for our themes.  

AP European History

In class, we had a threaded discussion during which every person picked a quotation from the assigned passage and analyzed it in a paragraph. After that, we responded to three other people’s posts to further the analysis of the passage. It’s one of my favorite because it is super helpful to understanding our readings (and is also fun!). This week’s reading was about the industrialization in England. The quotation I chose was:

The same may be said of all the other needs of each man, who, if he were reduced to his own land and his own labour, would involve himself in a great deal of time and trouble in order to be very badly equipped in every respect, and would cultivate his land very badly. (Turgot)

In my analysis, I discussed the necessity of human relations, using the functioning economy as support. Many of my classmates agreed with my analysis and added their own thoughts, giving me different perspectives and furthering the depth of my conclusion. 

Honors Medieval and Renaissance Literature

Dr. Howell read us an old English epic poem called The Fairie Queene in a very dramatic and entertaining voice. The Faire Queene has characters that embody different virtues and vices, specifically the Seven Deadly Sins. Then Dr. Howell introduced our new unit project and assigned us partners. My partner and I were assigned Gluttony and plan to write an essay as well as make a presentation together based on the character Gluttony in the poem. I’ll focus on the characteristics of Gluttony, and my partner will focus on the virtue that counteracts it, which is Temperance.  

AP Calculus AB

Mr. Wood began class by leading us through the hallways in a “virtual passing period” which is very funny! After that we did a group assignment, working in teams of three to solve problems—we are working on derivatives to determine the characters of a graph. By finding the derivatives, we can tell whether points on a graph are maximums or minimums, as well discover on what intervals the graph increases or decreases.  

Spanish II

Hola! ¿Como estás? En la clase de Español, we read a chapter of our new book, “El Nuevo Houdini.” After we read the chapter, we filled out a worksheet. It’s crazy how we can understand a book already! Since our Spanish class is full immersion, we are forced to try and comprehend full sentences by identifying words similar to English and inferring meanings. This is very effective and also fun, as we are already learning past tense verbs.  


The House System is one of the best parts of Upper School! I’m in Athanasius (the best house), and we have so much fun competing against the other Houses. Athanasius is named after St. Athanasius, who is known for his inspiring faith and theological works. House is fun and helps build community at Bear Creek. My favorite thing we have done in House is real-life Hungry Hungry Hippo. All the Houses rolled people on their stomachs on skateboards into a collection of plastic balls in the center of the room. The participants would try to collect as many balls as they can with a basket and drag them back to their team. All the Houses were cheering super loud for their team and the energy was amazing!

Houses competing at Hungry Hungry Hippo during Icebreaker

Playing Hungry Hungry Hippos at Icebreaker

Graphic Design

Today I worked on my design of a recipe page for cookies. We are doing this project to improve our typography skills. Typography is the art of lettering, and so findings fonts that complement each other as well as adjusting the spacing and sizing. In class, we take our ideas from rough sketch on paper to a digital work of art. For this project, I actually got to use some of my own photos that I took in Photography class last year of cookie ingredients. And, the best part about it is that I get extra credit for making (and, of course, eating) the cookies! 

Toll House

AP Chemistry

I am learning a lot in chemistry! Today we conducted a lab to determine the solubility of a substance in different temperatures. By seeing how much of the substance dissolved before saturation is reached in varying temperatures of water, we can determine how much heat is absorbed by different substances in a solubility reaction.

Final Thoughts

Although today was busy, I really enjoyed it. Our teachers always find creative ways to teach and have us collaborate with our peers. I can tell they truly care about our experience as students.   

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