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Hannah S. is a freshman who plays basketball, reads, writes, and hangs out with her friends. Hannah’s favorite TV show is The Office, and her favorite book is A Solitary Blue by Cynthia Voigt. She has attended Bear Creek since kindergarten and feels that every year is more fun (and challenging) than the last. Although Hannah’s favorite subject is English, she truly enjoys all of her classes.


Hannah’s School Day

Theater Production

This semester, we will (virtually) be performing The Shakers at Mount Lebanon Will Hold a Peace Conference this Month by Arlene Hutton. I play Catherine, a new and innocent Shaker, who joins the community. While drama has been different this semester, I’ve still had a ton of fun learning about Shaker culture and playing a character that is both similar (and different) to me. Today, we worked on the first scene in the play, which we’ve been waiting to work on because it features a lot of characters, including mine, and it is one of the harder and longer ones.


Since today is a Tuesday, we have chapel. Today we reflected on thankfulness and gratitude. I really enjoyed today’s chapel because it reminded me that even though a lot of scary and bad stuff has happened this year with COVID-19, I still have a whole lot to be grateful about and to praise God for. The time for worship was led by B.A.S.I.C. (Brothers and Sisters in Christ), and they had people share all of the things we are grateful for. It was so cool seeing both students and teachers sharing the amazing blessings God has given them. 

Honors Ancient Literature

My next class is English (my favorite!). Today, we had an amazing seminar discussion on Medea by Euripides. Medea is the story of a woman whose husband, Jason, cheated on and left her for another woman. Medea is cunning and manipulative. She does everything in her power to get back at her ex-husband. Our conversation centered around one question: was Medea in the right to get her destructive revenge on Jason? We were split down the middle on this! Great points were made on both sides, and Bible verses, historical examples, and personal references were brought into the dialogue to support arguments. Our conversation was enlightening, and it was interesting to hear the opinions of my peers (as well as arguing for my own). 

Conceptual Physics

After lunch I had Conceptual Physics. Currently, we are studying Newton’s Laws of Motion, which are essentially the foundation of physics. Today we worked on a lab which demonstrates all three of Newton’s Laws by showing how increased net force, acceleration, and mass affect a cart at a constant velocity.

Newton's Law


In health, we are working on our body systems project. Each person is assigned one system (mine is the digestive system), and we are tasked to write a paper, create a poster labeling each part of our system, and present the content in class. I have learned a lot of interesting facts about the digestive system! For instance, approximately sixty to seventy million Americans have some form of digestive disease. In addition to this, if a grown adult has part of his or her liver removed, the liver could actually grow back. With presentations coming up soon, I just finished making my poster.

Digestive System

Algebra 2

I am currently in Algebra 2, and right now we are learning about how to solve linear quadratic systems using the methods of substitution and elimination. This concept has been difficult for me, but I’ve been getting a lot of grace and help from my teacher. The lesson was beginning to sink in more today, and I started consistently getting the right answers which was definitely a confidence boost. The end of math class brought a conclusion to a busy but enjoyable day.

Final Thoughts

Looking back on my day, it was quite busy! Most days at Bear Creek look somewhat like this: enjoyable discussions, group-based and individual-based work, and deeper thinking. While the curriculum at Bear Creek is difficult, our teachers are amazing, and it is truly evident that they care for you and your learning (and are always available to help). I enjoy Upper School at Bear Creek because of the incredible community: I’ve met some truly unforgettable people. I am grateful for the chance I have to flourish at Bear Creek and develop as a Christ-like leader as I navigate my way through high school. I hope you have enjoyed a day at Bear Creek!



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