Concurrent Credit Program

Northwest University




The Bear Creek School and Northwest University have partnered to offer concurrent college credit in the following courses. This list is reviewed and updated in the fall; applications and fees must be submitted to Northwest University by October 1.

AP English Language and Composition ENGL 2203 (Survey of American Literature) 3 credits
Honors American Literature ENGL 2203 (Survey of American Literature) 3 credits
Modern Christian Thought and Practice THEO 1XX3 (Christianity in a Modern World) 3 credits
Worldview Capstone THEO 2413 (Developing a Biblical Worldview) 3 credits
Strength Training PEDU 1061 (Weight Training) 1 credit
Health PEDU 2523 (Issues in Heath) 3 credits
AP Physics 1: Algebra-based SCIE 1283 and 1281 (Physics w/ lab) 4 credits
AP Statistics MATH 2003 (Introduction to Statistics) 3 credits
AP U.S. History HIST 2503 and 2513 (U.S. History I and II) 6 credits
Graphic Design 1 and 2 ARTE 1XX3 (Introduction to Graphic Arts) 3 credits