JanTerm 2020

Registration for JanTerm 2020 will be staggered as follows:

  • Tuesday November 12, 5:00 p.m. – Wednesday, November 13, noon
    Registration opens only for students in grade 12, grade 11, and grade 8.
  • Wednesday November 13, 5:00 p.m. onward
    Registration opens for grades 7, 9, and 10.


  1. To register, select your grade, then enter your name and a valid email address which you regularly check (this is where your JanTerm registration confirmation email will be sent). No login required. Ignore the Quick Add button.
  2. Click on Register Attendees. A list of all JanTerm seminars available for your grade will then be displayed, arranged by block.
  3. Select only one class in each block. To do so, click the Attend box below to the class name (one per block). Don’t forget to register for any mandatory classes that you are in. Use these lists to select assigned blocks for the required AP classes and Middle School math classes.
  4. Click Submit and Continue which will take you to a Confirmation page. Check the Confirmed box and click Submit.
  5. Add the required parent information (name and email address) in the Registrant Information form and click Complete Registration.
  6. Once you have completed the registration process, a confirmation will be sent to your email address. Please double check the confirmation email lists the classes for which you just registered. If it doesn't, notify Mr. Woollard ( immediately.

Important Reminders

  • Register at the correct date and time.
  • Read class descriptions under the Class Details tab before making your selections.
  • Classes are first-come, first-served and can fill up quickly. It is highly recommended that you have some back-up options should a class already be full when you try to register.
  • Take note of prerequisites (if any) and whether or not you may repeat a class that you have previously completed.
  • Register once only.
  • Choose one class only per block.
  • If you are not able to register at the appointed time, a friend or family member may register on your behalf.
  • Please log in on only one device at home. Logging on simultaneously from multiple devices will not help you register more quickly and will only slow down the process.

Please note: Your registration will be invalid, and you will be required to re-register if you:

  • Attempt to register before the time and date permitted (see above),
  • Choose more than one class per block,
  • Have not met any applicable prerequisites, or
  • Attempt to register for a class that you are not permitted to repeat.

Register for JanTerm