Teacher and Student

Our mission is to provide a high-quality, Christian liberal arts education in a nurturing environment that will enable each student to become the individual God intends.

A Love of Learning

Young children are interested and ready to learn important knowledge, skills, and behavior which are critical for a lifetime of positive learning experiences. We intentionally lay this foundation while nurturing their creativity and curiosity. The curriculum is designed to appropriately challenge each student while being attentive to age and healthy brain development.

Christian Commitment

Nurturing their minds and hearts together, our young students learn that God is the Creator and each of them is a most magnificent creation. They see that biblical truths apply to how they live each day as they work, play, and learn together in the preschool community.

A Passion for Teaching

Our preschool teachers inspire wonder and discovery. They are passionate, positive, and intentional in their personal interactions with students. They love God and model Christian life through word and deed. Each teacher is deeply committed to Christian education and to helping each child grow into the individual God intends. All preschool teachers are highly qualified. New teachers are mentored by an experienced educator, and all teachers participate in continuous professional development. A positive learning environment is created by teachers who meet the needs of each student. Knowing that they are loved and cared for in the classroom is essential in the development of happy, healthy students.