Curriculum Overview P3, P4, and P5

Accelerated Reading

Preschool Reading

Books open up new worlds, and provide the gateway for learning. Reading is one of the most important things children learn in the primary years. Because of this it is a priority in our preschool program. We ensure that students develop skills needed for early reading and on-going reading success. An individualized approach allows students to advance as quickly as they are ready through each level of our program (see curriculum map for more information). Preschoolers master critical phonics skills, build vocabulary, and increase comprehension through a variety of developmentally appropriate and engaging activities which are kinesthetic, auditory, and visual. Our goal is to provide a strong foundation for future academic success, and spark a love of reading in our students.

Interactive Math

Through interactive, hands-on activities, students gain a strong foundation in math which is critical for ongoing conceptual understanding. The teacher facilitates exploration in geometry, patterning, classifying, number sense, arithmetic, and graphing, setting the stage for advanced math development.

Character Counts

Our preschool students grow in kindness, responsibility, and respect through our Character Counts program. Each character quality has a stuffed animal that helps students remember the quality, and stories are read to give models of strong character. The playground and the classroom provide many opportunities for kids to practice and teachers to encourage character development.

Imagination Lab

Preschool window

Tomorrow’s leaders must be able to imagine, create, and innovate. The Imagination Lab is a place where preschoolers are free to explore the many interesting materials available and use their inquisitiveness to create. Whether they are designing and constructing a machine, making puppets for their own puppet show, or fashioning an intricate pattern, they experience the joy of imagination and invention.

History and Social Studies

Young children love to learn facts and build up knowledge about the world around them. Social studies is taught through stories, songs, field trips, and other interactive experiences, Our P3 students learn about community members and their roles and contributions. P4 and P5 students learn about famous Americans, the United States, and American traditions.


Handwriting Without Tears is our handwriting curriculum. It is designed to help preschoolers develop fine motor skills and learn important fundamentals. Our preschoolers progress through Levels 1-3 of the program and learn proper pencil grip, letter formation, and number writing. Through journal writing and other activities, students use emergent writing skills beginning with drawing, and leading to full sentence writing. 


Exploring a variety of mediums, students paint, mold, color, and paste, growing in their confidence as artists. Each preschooler gets to celebrate art by displaying some of his/her artwork in the all school art show (Authors & Artists) in the spring.


Preschool music

Students grow in their love of music as they experiment with percussion, learn aspects of rhythm, sing songs, and dance. In addition to regular class sessions with our music specialist, teachers incorporate music into daily activities. These experiences nurture physical, emotional, and social development in children, and cultivate an appreciation for God’s gift of music.

Bible Foundations

A Biblical worldview is central to all that we do in the preschool classroom and is integrated throughout the entire program. God’s Amazing Creation is our curriculum theme. Students memorize Bible verses and learn many Bible stories related to this theme. Each student experiences God’s great love through activities in the classroom.


Students participate in a monthly chapel time. Lessons focus on concepts that preschool-aged students are ready to learn: knowing God, loving Him, and living for Him.

Experience Chapel at Preschool

DIG: Outdoor Science Program

DIG (Discovering and Investigating God’s Creation) is one of the premier programs at Bear Creek. This outdoor science experience helps students have a sense of wonder as they explore God’s creation. They examine rocks and trees, leaves, flowers, and grass. With delight they plunge their fingers deep in the soil of our DIG boxes searching for spiders, snails, and slugs. They observe and track the growth of the plants in the garden beds. Kale and parsley grown and nurtured by our preschoolers are popular preschool snacks. As they walk through the wetlands they listen, look and feel; discovering this amazing habitat.

Preschool and kindergarten students Discover and Investigate God's (DIG) creation