King County Library System

Student Accounts

With parent permission*, The Bear Creek School libraries works with the King County Library System (KCLS) to create Student Accounts for Bear Creek students in grades 3 – 12. This service offers participating schools “instant access to all of the online resources that KCLS offers.” These digital materials include databases, streaming video, eBooks, and audiobooks. Through this program, KCLS also provides access to an online test preparation service and an online tutoring service. Please note that Student Accounts cannot be used to check out books and other physical resources; they can only be used to access digital resources. For more information, see or contact a school librarian.

Bear Creek students have access to KCLS digital materials using a school code created for Bear Creek and their unique student identification numbers, which they already use to check out materials from the school library. Thus, teachers can make use of KCLS digital resources, knowing that all their students can access those resources. Log in for instructions for access to your KCLS Student Account.

If students already have KCLS accounts, that’s no problem. It is okay for students to have both a personal account and a Student Account.

* Parents give permission by signing the King County Library System Student Account Permission form during Back-to-School Registration. 

Personal Accounts

The King County Library System encourages all local residents to use KCLS’ online resources and services, including eBooks and audiobooks. eBooks are a great way to keep your children supplied with new reading material. If you are trying to limit screen time, try an audiobook! Children can listen to audiobooks while coloring, doing the dishes, or snuggling with the family dog (just to name a few)!

Library CardS

If you already have a KCLS library card, you are all set to access their online resources. If you do not yet have one, you can sign up online for an online library eCard.

Choose an App

eBooks and audiobooks are available in several formats which can be accessed on any digital device (including phones, tablets, and laptops). Overdrive and Libby App from Overdrive are both recommended.