Summer Reading Program

Ida Lairson and C.E. "Ted" Kindel Libraries

Participate in one of two summer reading options to earn a free dress day in the first few weeks of the regular school year!

Are you finished? Learn how to collect your free dress coupon.

Accelerated Reader (AR) Challenge

This challenge is for students entering grades 1 – 6 who wish to reach the Accelerated Reader (AR) point goal for their grade level.

Only AR points earned between July 1 and August 31, 2020 will be counted towards your child's summer point total. Quizzes may be taken for fun all summer; however, only tests taken between these dates will count towards to summer reading goal.

To participate in the AR Challenge, please opt in for AR at Home quizzing. If you are new to AR, please watch this tutorial showing how to support your child in using the AR system.

Summer AR Point Goals

  • Entering grade 1: 5 AR points
  • Entering grades 2 3: 10 AR points
  • Entering grades 4 6: 20 AR points

Note: Entering kindergarten students will be introduced to and begin the Accelerated Reader (AR) program in mid-September with their kindergarten class and are encouraged to participate in the Checklist Challenge instead.

Checklist Challenge

All students entering grades K – 6 may participate in the summer checklist challenge! Simply download the checklist for the grade level your child will enter in the fall, check off the items completed over the summer, and return the Checklist Challenge form to the library in the first week of school in the fall to earn a free dress day!

Summer Checklists

Grades K – 2 Checklist

Grades 3 – 4 Checklist

Grades 5 – 6 Checklist