Place a Hold

We have enabled online hold request functionality in our library catalog so that parents as well as students may place books on hold from home during the regular school year. The libraries are closed during the summer.

Parent Library Accounts

Request a library account (this only needs to be done once, your account will be active during your child(ren)'s entire Bear Creek career). All parents may request an account, and credentials will be sent home with your child when the library account is created.

Students already have accounts and should not use this form.

Account Limits

Books may not be placed on hold if:

  • Your account is full (check-out limit is 5 books per adult account).
  • You have any overdue books (check-out period is 3 weeks on parent accounts).
  • See Bear Creek Libraries for check-out periods and limits for all constituents.

Request Books

Follow these steps to peruse the library catalog and request books for your family.

  1. Using a parent (see above) or student account, log in to the Bear Creek Libraries Catalog.
  2. Search for books (see tips below).
  3. When you find a book that you want to place on hold, click on the book title.
  4. Click the Hold It button.
  5. Click the Save button.
  6. Your books will be delivered to your child's classroom.
  7. Return your books by sending them back to school in with your child.

Please note:

  • After saving your hold request, the library catalog will tell you if the book is ready to be picked up. Don't worry, it will actually be delivered to your child.
  • Holds can be viewed on the My Info tab.
  • Holds cannot be cancelled through the catalog. Please email if you wish to cancel a hold.

Library Staff Assistance

Need help selecting titles that might interest your child? Our library staff knows our collection and would be happy to make selections on your behalf. Complete this form and our library staff will select materials based on your indicated preferences.

Catalog Search Tips

The library catalog system is robust and designed to help you find materials as close to what you want as possible.

  • The default search is for a book title, but you can also search by author, subject, keyword, or series.
  • When you search for a term, you will get a list of entries that fit the search. Click on any of the titles to see more information about that specific book.
  • Each book has a section in its catalog entry called “Explore!” Any words in blue in that section are searchable. Simply click on those words to find similar books.
  • You can limit your search to books from one specific library or library section. Just remember to reset that limiter if you want to search somewhere else.