Accelerated Reader (AR)


The Bear Creek School Libraries administer the Accelerated Reader (AR) program. The overriding purpose of the AR program is to enhance student literacy. AR is a supplemental tool which complements our excellent core reading curriculum. Students earn points for taking quizzes on the books they have read.


During the school year, as each student earns the necessary points for his or her grade level, a star with his or her name and picture is put up on the AR board in either the Ida Lairson Library or C.E. "Ted" Kindel Library as follows:

Grades K-2 10 AR points needed
Grades 3-4 25 AR points needed
Grades 5-6 50 AR points needed

Take an AR Test

Student achievement in AR is honored at the year-end Lower School and Early Middle School Honors Assemblies. Students who earn over 300 AR points in single year will have a book dedicated in their name donated to the school libraries.

If your child is at school in one of the libraries, in a computer lab, or in his/her classroom, he/she may 

Take an AR Test

Access at Home

Parents may view their child's progress and use AR BookFinder to search for books and tests by Book Level at home. Use your child's AR username and password to access.

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Guidelines for Parents

  • If you read the book to your child and he/she is an emerging reader, you may read your child the test questions and four possible answers as well. The student must then pick the answer independently. You may not help your child discern the correct answer; the student must choose.
  • Once the test is started students may not open the book to refer to the contents for help in answering questions.
  • Reviewing the major parts of the book including characters, setting, plot, storyline sequence, and pictures (if a 0.5 point book), will encourage student success.

AR encourages students to learn to pay attention to what they are reading which is a critical factor in improving comprehension.

About AR Tests

AR tests are taken at school in either the student's classroom or in a school computer lab under teacher supervision or in one of the school libraries under librarian supervision.

  • AR tests are multiple choice and vary between 5 and 20 questions in length.
  • AR tests are assigned a Book Level which is based somewhat on the difficulty of the vocabulary used in the book.
  • AR tests are assigned a point value based somewhat on the length of the book. Early readers (e.g. Biscuit books) are worth 0.5 points. Tolstoy's War and Peace is worth 118 points. A percentage of the total points available is awarded based on how many test questions the student answers correctly. Zero points are awarded if the student answers less than 60% (5 and 10 question tests) or less than 70% (20 question tests) of the questions correctly.