Early Middle School (5 – 6)

During these important years, our program for grades 5 and 6 focuses on developing time management and decision making skills which applies to both academic and social situations and prepares them for their time in Middle School and Upper School.


The curriculum is intentionally planned to help students grow in knowledge and apply that knowledge in stimulating and active experiences. A priority for each teacher is building a warm and caring classroom community where students feel safe and secure.

Review the Early Middle School curriculum details or download this:

Early Middle School Curriculum Overview

Small Class Sizes

Small classes averaging 16 – 18, allow each student to be known as a unique individual and enable our teachers to nurture each student’s academic, social, spiritual, and emotional needs.

Accelerated Math Progression

Our math acceleration program is unique and distinctive. Students are not solely placed in math class by age; instead, each is assessed and allowed to advance to an appropriate class which matches his/her individual aptitude and development. Math classes are offered simultaneously in the Early Middle School so that students move to their ability-level classes for that instructional period. Students thrive when allowed to advance according to their ability, and not held back by age or grade level.

Shakespeare Immersion

Early Middle School students in grade 6 continue to investigate and experience theater by studying and performing another classical Shakespearean play (all grade 4 students also perform Shakespeare). All students in grades 5 – 6 attend these drama performances. This unique window into the world of Elizabethan drama provides an exceptional platform to teach about the human condition and make substantive connections to biblical themes while equipping young students with the skills to perform. Learn more about fine arts in the Early Middle School.


A science specialist is dedicated to preparing our young scientists in the Early Middle School. From exploration to engaging the scientific method, students refine discovery, analysis, and research skills. The annual Science Fair is a culmination event for the entire community, where students display and present their scientific discoveries. Grade 5 students demonstrate their ability to use the scientific method, presenting the results of their science experiments in a research report and visual display.


Learning Latin helps students better understand English vocabulary and complex grammatical concepts. Latin also improves analytical and problem solving skills and exposes students to culture and linguistic history. Latin instruction, which begins in grade 3, continues for our Early Middle School students and provides an excellent foundation for future language acquisition. Latin instruction is continued through grade 8 at Bear Creek.

Monthly Field Trips

Field trips give students an amazing opportunity to experience hands-on learning. Each adventure provides a valuable connection between classroom and real world experiences. Field trips are integral to the overall curricular plan to help students directly apply their learning in a variety of settings.