Finding the Best Fit to Continue the Journey

The philosophy of the Bear Creek Office of College Advising is to work intentionally and early with students and families to find the absolute "best fit" for a student's goals for higher education.

As an academically rigorous, college-prep environment, Bear Creek produces graduates that are well qualified for admission to the finest, most reputable Universities in the world.

The Bear Creek School's best-fit philosophy means that we seek to help students find the right school for their gifts, talents, and future interests. While we have many students at the most elite Universities, our overall matriculation list shows a wide variety of schools: public and private, faith-based and secular, large and small, with a geographic reach throughout North America and Europe.

The college advising experience at Bear Creek is a complete partnership between our staff, students in their 9 – 12 grade years, parents, and college admission offices. The primary goal in this partnership is to link students with a number of best-fit schools that will allow them to pursue their vision and passions at the collegiate level. Our students are challenged to own the process: to value it not as an end in itself, but an experience in evaluating and defining watershed decisions in life. Each student is encouraged to look inward and pay attention to the patterns, interests and abilities that are uniquely theirs to pursue.

College success and one’s personal life accomplishments are, first and foremost, determined by the God-given passion, talent, motivation and discernment of each individual. High school students are as varied as their shoe selections—and the college selection process should ultimately follow that individuality. No one college fits all; and contrary to popular belief, there are multiple colleges that would effectively serve as the destination for any given student. Our goal in College Advising at Bear Creek is to work individually with each student to shape and refine a host of college choices based on their accomplishments and future directions.

The ultimate selection of best-fit schools concludes a long process, but a student’s growing awareness begins in middle school and into the early high school years, culminating in the senior year. College planning workshops, grade-level advising sessions, standardized test preparation, college tours, on-campus recruitment visits with admissions staff and individual college application drafting sessions are all intentionally designed and individually tailored to meet the needs of our students.

The Bear Creek School’s academic curriculum is a powerful platform to advance our students into college level readiness. Students are exposed to big ideas through a sequence of courses that raise the bar of learning across the academic disciplines. Students come to personally understand, and then learn to exercise the power of, their world view. They are confident, discerning and invested in the future that awaits them. Our experience tells us that these are essential attributes that clearly distinguish our students during the college admission selection process.

Students from The Bear Creek School continue to experience an exceptionally strong rate of admission. The breadth and caliber of college offers continue to span the Ivy League, research universities, Fine and Performing Arts schools, and domestic and international schools of distinction. This one fact alone confirms what we already know to be true: Bear Creek students are clearly recognized as being fully prepared, accomplished, and motivated to excel in any educational venture.

The college decision making process is not a product; it is a culmination, a celebration, and a bridge that links each student to their past and future potential. It is a validation of effort, challenge, perseverance, opportunity, and calling. The Bear Creek definition of success is clearly about the quality of their continuing journey not just the selection of an intended destination.