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Christian Liberal Arts

Christian liberal arts (also called Christian classical education) is unique in primarily three areas: the what – what we teach as a Christian classical school, the how – a Christian classical method, and the why – to instill knowledge, understanding and wisdom in students so they live good lives. Learn more about a Christian liberal arts education from our President and Headmaster, Patrick Carruth

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Upper School Grades 9 – 12

Libraries and Resources

The Bear Creek School has four separate libraries. The Ida Lairson (K 4) Library has a collection focused for students in kindergarten – grade 4. The C.E. “Ted” Kindel (5 8) Library houses a collection geared toward Early Middle School and Middle School students. The Andrea Lairson (9 12) Library in the Upper School is filled with resources for older students.

Talented, Passionate Teachers

Great teaching is at the heart and soul of Bear Creek. Sparking curiosity, encouraging personal responsibility, and instilling confidence in each student are central aspects of the Bear Creek teaching philosophy. A majority of our teachers hold advanced degrees, and the average tenure of a faculty member is 10 years.

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