Reporting Absences

If your child (preschool – grade 12) will be late, absent, or picked up early, please inform the school.

  • Email (preferred) or
  • Call the school (425-898-1720) and leave a voicemail message or speak with the Attendance Coordinator

If a student is absent and unexcused (i.e., we did not receive prior notification), we will attempt to contact his or her parents via email and phone to ensure the child is not expected to be at school. If we are unable to contact parents, we will call the emergency contacts on file for the student.

If there is a change in your K – 8 child's regular dismissal routine (e.g., normally he/she goes home with mom, but today a neighbor will pick him/her up), please email this information to the following three people:

Note: Anyone who is allowed to pick up your child at school must be listed as a Pickup Contact on your Household Profile. Log in on the Parent Portal to update your Household Profile.

Reporting Illness

If your child has any symptoms of illness, please leave details in your email or phone message regarding your child's symptoms: fever? rash? vomiting? congestion? coughing? etc. The school nurse will follow up if necessary. See also Bear Creek Illness Policies.

Prearranging Absences

If you know in advance that your student will be absent from school, please complete the appropriate form. Instructions and signatures needed are found on each form. These forms are not required for routine events like orthodontist appointments.