The Bear Creek School is governed by a volunteer Board of Trustees with up to 15 members. Its role is to oversee the finances of the school, ensure that we stay true to our mission, and engage in long-range and strategic planning. The Board meets regularly during the school year.

Board members are nominated and elected by the current board and may serve up to eight consecutive three-year terms. Board members generally serve on a committee or are active volunteers in the school community before their nomination. The Board Committees include Finance (with Facilities, Audit, and Endowment Subcommittees) and Development (focused on fundraising).

Board of Trustees

Andrea Lairson, J.D., Chair

Fileno Alleva, Vice Chair

Curtis Kraft, Treasurer

Colleen Broaddus, J.D., Secretary

Ted Robinson, Trustee (Past Vice-Chair)

Susan Diamond, Trustee

Patrick Carruth, President and Headmaster

Shawn Firminger, Trustee

William Bieber, Trustee

Kevin Keith, Trustee

Jodi Hallum, Trustee

Kristine Shields, Trustee