Donor List 2018 – 2019

We are deeply grateful to everyone who generously supported The Bear Creek School last year. The following list recognizes those who made a donation or pledge to the Annual Fund or the Auction between July 1, 2018 and June 30, 2019.

Samir Abad and Hetal Hiren
Jay and Marae Abbott**
Alex and Tammy Abossein**
Pretish and Laila Abraham*
Uwa and Bola Agbonile
Jim and Barbe Albright
Fil and Holly Alleva* **
George and Kellie Anderson
Grant and Kathleen Anderson
Zach and Emily Anderson
Anonymous Family (48)
Jim Armintrout
David and Joy Arnold
Phil and Susan Aronson
Orlando and Samantha Ashford
Allen and Angela Atwood **
Yunfei Bai and Yingjun Zhang
John and Barbara Bambino
Branko and Ana Barbir
Joelle Beke
Elissa Bell
Emily Bemis
Robert and Stacey Bennetsen*
David Bennett and Tania Waterman-Bennett* **
Carl and Shelley Benson**
Kay Berry
Rob and Terry Betts
James and Chayna Bhaskar
Jim and Padmini Bhaskar**
Bill and Dana Bieber**
Jim and Karen Blankenbeckler**
Gary and Susan Blattenbauer**
Richard and JoAnn Block
Marla Blue**
Kevin and Kim Boeh
Carole Boelitz
Nelson and Liisa Bonner
Michael and Jeannine Borgen*
Bengu and Hakki Bostanci
Spencer and Sandy Bowhay**
Bill and Elaine Brammer**
Michael and Jamie Brandt
Joseph and Phyllis Bransky
Michael and Colleen Broaddus* **
Greg and Sherrie Brown
Ron and BuWon Brown
Matthew and Kathryn Bruner
Steve Buckley and Alice Detwiler**
Mark and Tami Bumiller* **
Greg and Sunny Butler
Sean and Jana Butler
Christopher and Suzanne Caile**
Brian and Suzannah Calvery
Howard Campbell**
Frances Carhart**
Ann Carlson
Dwight and Ina Carpenter**
Grace Carruth '15
Patrick and Paige Carruth* **
David and Katie Cerra
Anand and Pamela Chakraborty
Thomas Chung Chan and Judy Shiu 
Craig and April Chapman* **
Daniel and Megan Chappelle
Weicai Chen and Huiyan Huang
Yong and Qingmei Chen
Yuxin Chen and Baoping Zhang
Gavin Cheng and Jessie Zhang
Dan and Ki Cho*
Fred and Joy Chong**
Jim and Marge Christie
Jim Christie
Ernest Chui and Malia Foley*
Darrel and LaRae Claassen
Dave Clark and Mary Kay Beeby
Jason and Annette Clark**
Thomas Cock and Dawnelle Dutcher
Courtney Cohrs
Tero Collin and Tutta Lehto-Collin*
Bob and Patti Ann Combs**
Samuel and Alla Comer
James Cory and Alison Levengood
Christopher and Cathi Coy*
Jay and Jennifer Crowell* **
Richard and Jenny Cummins**
Michael and Lorraine Cunningham*
Majdi and Dana Daher* **
Sihong Dai and Christine Ke
Abbie Dale**
Ben and Michelle Dale**
Jim and Kimberly Darrin
Jeff and Diane Davis
Kevin and Sarah Davison
John DeCou in memory of William B. MacKenney III
Chris and Adria DeForeest*
Sue Diamond* **
Robb and Tammy Dibble
Howard and Jennifer Dierking
Andy and Becky DiGenova
Tim and Lisa Diller**
David Dodson
Jonathan and Catherine Domeck*
Rudy and Marcia Domingo**
Tianzhuang Dou and Yun Cong*
Chris and Kate Drewer
Alex Dudetsky and Nelly Bardman
Mike and Donna Dunn**
David Dunn**
Troy Dyhrkopp and Ami Silverman* **
George Eastman in memory of William B. MacKenney III
Michael and Marina Elizarov
Greg Emens and Rama Oskouian
Pam Erickson**
Richard and Carolyn Ersek**
Steve and Susan Esau
Mollie Fadule* **
Chris and Lori Fallon* **
Howard Fan and Feng Guo
Preston and Lora Feight
Yu Feng
Roland and Sini Fernandez* **
Eric and Flaviane Ferreira* **
Shawn and Karen Firminger* **
Jim Fishburn and Emily Studebaker
Brett and Nu Flegg*
Colby and Allison Fletcher**
Eileen and Thomas Foley
Don and Kathy Follrich**
Robert and Tara Ford
Kent and Susanne Foster*
Jennifer Fournier
Jennifer Fowler
Jim and Amy Fowler**
Michael and Michaelene Fowler
Bruce and Lisa Freed
Ginger Galando
Ming Gao
Steven Gao and Sarah Lu
Paul Gauthier and Shari Hogshead
Rick and Julie Gauthier**
Kimberly Geiger
Jeff and Kristen Gephart**
Bill and Bonnie Getchell
Alexander Glaznev and Natalia Glazneva
Juan Gomez and Ximena Cuevas* **
Bob Gomulkiewicz and Andrea Lairson* **
Katie Gomulkiewicz '13
Nathan and Jennifer Gooden
Neil and Cristin Goodwin*
Dave Gordon
Paul and Linda Graham**
Tony and Suzanne Grant*
Oliver and Elizabeth Graves*
Chris and Barri Grossi
Steve Ha and Yoon Kim**
Jasper and Yvonne Haarloev
Kevin and Stacy Hahm*
Chris and Jodi Hallum* **
Mike and Barbara Hallum
Scott and Megan Hannah* **
Bob and Barbara Hannan
Thomas and Ingrid Hansen
Scott and Melissa Harbin
Richard and Jo Harris*
Margaret Harrison
Michael and Anya Hartshorn**
Mike and Megan Hayton
Jia He and Sherry Xu*
Patrick and Tammy Healey
Paul and Cathy Heine
Eric and Shelley Helzer**
Craig and Liz Hembree
Deon Herbert and Dawn Liburd
Jeff and Michele Herold**
Phil and Kim Higley
Paul Holeman
Brian and Anne Hollis
Julie Holmquist
Jim and Liz Holtzman**
Curtis and Vivian Hom* **
Eric and Amy Hope*
Matt Horey and Lori DiJulio-Horey
Safet Hrbinic and Elena Belyaykova
Gang Hua and Yan Gao*
Xin Huang and Wen Lu
Brock and Molly Huard
John and Mary Huberty**
Josh and Celeste Hug*
Eric and Young-Mi Hultman
Stan and Katie Humphries*
Frank and Linda Huston**
Mike and Marnie Hutchings**
Chris and Lisa Hysom
Scott and Lea Hysom**
Clement and Gabi Ifrim*
Darrin and Robin Jackson
Janet Jacobson
Jeff and Jill Jani**
Ying Jiang and Jia Yuan
Lei Jin and Nicole Ding
Andy Jing and Su Zhang*
Evan and Ellena Johnson
Mark and Crystal Jones
Patricia Jones
Larry and Dianna Kadeg**
Shelley Kaplowitz**
Chazz and Judy Kawabori
Stephen and Ann-Marie Keeney
Kevin and Kathy Keith* **
Jeff and Kris Kelleran* **
Steve and LeAnn Kesinger**
Jae and Christine Kim
Jae and Chung Kim
Judd and Barbara Kirk
Mike and Nancy Komola**
Samuel and Ashley Koo
Todd and Amber Krabach**
Curt and Lorri Kraft* **
Ken and Jan Kranz**
Peter and Rachele Kyriacou
Eric and Kandice Lai
Andrea Lairson and Bob Gomulkiewicz * **
Charles and Laura Landau**
Amy Larson
Hannah Lash
Lenore Leckvold**
Kevin and Carolyn Lee
Phil and Lori Lee**
William and Jooeun Lee*
Robbie and Karly Leib
Chris and Kathryn Leithead
Kathleen Lewis
Qiang Li and Ting Yao Huang
Jeff and Sherry Lin*
Alla Litoshyk
Tom and Meridith Little
Andy Liu
Johnson and Jing Liu
Marc Liu and Rui Yin*
Cindy London**
James Love
Dajun Lu and Ruby Fu
Simon Lu and Yingshuang Wu*
Dave and Barb Lutz**
Ron and Patti Lynch**
Tianchi Ma and Yi Zhou
Kurt and Robin Maass**
Heather MacKenney in memory of William B. MacKenney III
Shane Mainali and Angelique Buchannon
Mena Makkar and Mirette ElGawly*
Tom and Christie Malchow* **
Ravi and Jo Mallela
Rich and Shannon Malloy* **
Mitica and Cristina Manu*
Debbie Marchione**
Jon and Chris Martin
Allen and Renee Matson**
Scott and Mary Matthews**
Tim Maund
Todd and Deb Maurer**
Robert and Leslie Mayer
Robert Mayer
Mary McArthur* **
Jack and Winnie McBride
Paul and Susan McBride
Jack and Patty McCracken
Kevin and Gillian McCracken
Pete and Jenn McDonough**
Ken and Mabel McGrail
Stephen Ott and Lindsay-Rae McIntyre
Stephanie McKay in memory of William B. MacKenney III
Gary and Roslyn McMillan
Brett and Lisa Melton
Erik and Amy Mickels
Veronica Mickelsen**
Carol Miller**
Helen Miller
Lee and Joan Mimms
Holly Moe* **
Tony and Joann Moran
Ashraf Morkos and Jackie Joseph**
Michael and Michelle Morris* **
Joshua and Charlyn Mueller*
Scott and Jenelle Mullet*
Moon and Deb Mulligan**
Abe and Ellie Navarrete
Jerel and Bess Navarrete '06
Adam and Holly Nelsen**
Earl and Carol Nelson**
Trent and Charlene Nelson
Vassillii Nemtchinov and Katya Nemtchinova*
Pete and Melissa Neumann
Sean and Carrie Nordberg
Kenny and Jenne Norris**
Paul and Tammy Nye
Bob and Carol Odem
John and Shelley O'Gara*
Thomas and Heather Ootjers
Brian and Trinity Osborn**
Javier and Ayoleida Paramo
Cam and Tressa Parker**
Michael and Nicole Patten
Ben and Naz Paul
Rex and Susan Peters
Ronald and Elizabeth Peterson
Thomas and Geetha Peterson
Nathan and Sarah Pettit
Michael Piepkorn
Ed and Marlise Pinto
Matthew and Brittany Plourde
Dave and Nikki Plummer* **
Chad and Lacey Pohlman**
Joey and Joyce Poon*
Tracy and Jacqueline Probst
Eric Prock and Tracy Sullivan Prock*
Jerald and Misty Pruner
Mike and Tronda Quin* **
Sam and Lisa Ramsden
Richard Ramsey
Chad Raymond and Camille Clinton* **
Mohan Reddy and Ashwini Krishnan*
Cady Reimer
James and Marie Reinertsen
Erik and Dawn Reitan
Ellen Richter
Melissa and Michael Riley**
Daniel and June Ro
Adam and Dana Robinson**
Ted and Kimberly Robinson
Paul and Wendy Rohner
Victor and Cornelia Rosu**
Mike and Tara Roth
Carl and Megan Russell*
Anthony and Christina Sankey
Arthur Savchenko and Oxana Varvaryuk
Mark and Jacky Schnarre
Russ Schoene
Mark and Emily Schuldt
Brian and Kristina Schwartz*
Steve and Kristi Schwartz**
H. Andrew and Marianne Scrivner
Stephen Vaughan and Krista Seymour**
Ashish and Shameen Shah
Byzan Shek and Marie Kelley
Gui Bao Shen and Wei Wang
Ken and Linda Sheppard**
Kevin and Kristine Shields**
Court and Jenny Shimada**
Anatolii Sibalov and Natalia Sibalova
Sanjay Sidhu and Richla Ramsey
Sam and Angela Simmons**
Roy and Frances Simperman
Amitabh Sinha and Jamie BrownSinha
David and Bev Smetters
Andrew and Catherine Smith
Bryan and Christy Smith* **
Ed and Lynda Smith**
Ethan and Yuri Smith*
Gregg and Erin Smith*
Ray and Lucy Smith
Scott and Susan Smith
Wayne and Amanda Smith**
Bill Snider and Kendra VanderMeulen
James and Millie Snook
Wale and Kemi Sobande
Rob and Janeen Sorensen
Jacob and Tanya Spoelstra
Darin Spurgeon and Hilary Marshall*
Jeff and Katy Steinkraus**
Paul and Doris Steinkraus
Max Stepin and Zoya Bashirova*
Jason and Wendy Stively
Mark and Debbie Stump**
Brad and Anya Stutz* **
Jim Stutz and Linda Schultz
Ryan and Yumi Summers**
Edward and Michelle Sun
Chiu Lung and Jessie Tang
Lin Tang and Lei Tao*
Chris and Eliza Tector* **
Kelsey Thompson**
Luke and Mary Thompson* **
Lisa Tong
Bob and Barb Toni
Michael and Kari Toni
Karna Town
Nick and Stacy Tsitsis
Bert and Cathy Tucker
George and Ann Tucker
Dave and Rachael Urban**
Jenny Vessey
Craig and Kelly Vick
Joshua and Patti Vides
Joel and Marlina Visker
Jo Wagner
Mike and Kaylie Walkington**
David Wang and Vivian Tsou
Jiping Wang and Shuqing Han
Michael Wang and Helen He
Yinmo Wang and Connie (Chi) Huang
Ted and Alice Way
Matthew Weaver*
Mike and Valerie Weaver
Sarah Webb
Jonathan and Jennifer Weed
Hongbin Wei and Qiuyan Yang* **
Alec and Susie Weintraub
Loren and Amanda Wengerd
Ray Wheeler and Barbara Clinton**
Eric and Jan White
Mark and Lena Whitlock
Rosalie Whyel**
Carol Willard
Russ and Alison Wilson
Mike and Michelle Wimer
Bob and Joan Winston
John Wischman and Wendy Wells
James Woollard**
Shawn and Karen Wright
Jiazhen Wu and Ning Yan
Kai Wu and Zheng Cui
Lisa Wylie
Jeff and Michele Wyner
Donglin Xia and Ling Zhou
Evan and Mary Xin*
Jun Xing and Rachel Ouyang
Zhangwei Xu and Yuenan Wang*
Ray Yang and Anne Zhang*
Sergey Yekhanin and Anna Yekhanina
Aaron and Kris Yetter**
Jun Yin and Qi Zhang
Blaine and RJ Young
Yang Yu and Qian Zhang
Zhen Zhang and Grace Han
Jie Zhao and Lucy Wang
Fan Zhou and Ji Yang*
Robin Zhou and Emma Li
Dexin Zhu and Lihua Wen
Jianjun Zhu and Lin Hui Liu
Kevin Zhu and Runying Mao
Mark and Naomi Zoske
Lee and Monica Zuckett
Sarah Beal and Calvin Drover

*President’s Circle (gift of $1,000 or more to the Annual Fund)

**Five years consecutive Annual Fund giving